Our Services 

Our trips are tailored to the individual client based upon the package selected. Of course you can pursue more than one species in one outing, and we offer special spring trophy bass trips and Hat Trick trips (bass, striper and crappie). We welcome children. Did you know around 60% of our business is father and sons?

We meet at High Point Marina and clients do not pay for parking. We can recommend lodging at The Lighthouse Inn (540.895-5249 or at www.lakeannacondo.com) If you want a rental home, try www.docksiderealty.com.

Our guides are punctual and personable. They work to please you and realize your fishing goals. Tips are always appreciated.

When you fish with me out of my boat, I like to concentrate on the use of lures for bass, stripers and crappie. However, I do run bait at times for striper and certainly employ small minnows when crappie fishing. Lewis Williams and Kip Hall run bass boats and will target bass, striper or crappie depending on the season. Lewis will run bait if you wish. Our crappie trips employ live bait and jigs. When you fish with Sean Blakenship in his center console boat these are mostly live bait striper trips using native baitfish like herring or shad collected generally before you get in the boat. There may be times when casting lures is productive on these trips, too. Please note the center console rates below. Due to varying fuel costs we are adjusting our rates from time to time.

2018 Rates/Bass Boat/C.C. McCotter's Boat

Half Day Bass
4-5 hours

Full Day Bass
8-9 hours

Half Day Crappie
4 hours

Full Day Crappie
8 hours

Half Day Striper
4-5 hours

Full Day Striper
8-9 hours

Grand Slam Attempt - Bass, Striper, Wiper & Crappie
8-9 hours

Add $25 for Saturday trips with C.C. McCotter

Add $50 per additional angler over two for these boat trips. I can carry up to three normal-sized anglers in my boat but we'll need to discuss this "full boat" option before the trip. Family trips of two adults and two young children are welcome.

2018 Rates/Center Console Boat

$385 half and $485 full. These rates are for two anglers.

Please add $50 for additional anglers.

Fuel, oil, rods and reels included. Prices subject to change.

2018 Rates/Fishing Kayaks

$30 half and $40 full. We have 10' and 11' fishing kayaks. PFDs included.

McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service is part of Lake Anna Outfitters and offers kayak/paddleboard rentals for anglers or families. Our shop is located at High Point Marina and open on Saturdays and Sundays from April through October. If you'd like to rent a kayak or take a kayak fishing trip any time of the year call 540.894.3540.